Saturday, November 17, 2012

Between the Lines

Hello, this is Dr. Dawson returning your phone call, what's going on this morning?

I need to have my mastiff put down and my vet can't be here until 3:30.

That's a big dog...

What exactly going on?

My mastiff has been having issues with urinary stones.  He's passed a couple on his own but now he needs put down.

So, he's been left to pass the stones on his own... means you couldn't afford surgery.  Which means the stones haven't been analyzed.  Which means there have been no dietary changes to prevent additional stone formation.  Poor dog. *sigh*

Have we ever been to your farm before?

Farm?  No, I live downtown.

Not a client.

We are really only a large animal clinic...

Oh, I didn't know that.

I am calling all the vets listed in the phone book.

He's just really in a lot of pain and I don't want to wait until this afternoon.

Big dog, big teeth, in a lot of pain...

I don't want your dog to suffer so I can come out if you would like me to.  Because I'm  giant sucker.  The cost will be...

You can't just bill me?!

You horrible person!  I cannot believe you would expect me to pay for your services even though I have had no prior dealings with your clinic and do not have large animals so you will never see or hear from me again!

No sir, payment is required when services are rendered.

And in your case, I will be requiring payment, in cash, before performing the euthansia. 

Well, I guess I will just wait for my vet to get here this afternoon.

They have billed me before and they will bill me again, regardless of my payment history.

Alright sir, you take care.

I'm going to go back to my book.  I feel bad for your dog.  And your vet.