Friday, January 11, 2013

The Man With Three Cows

The first time I met the man with three cows, it was to get them ready to breed.
Trying synchronization and insemination instead of borrowing a bull was the plan.
He was skeptical when I told him that this was not a guaranteed procedure.
He told me that his daughter wanted to be a veterinarian.

The next time I went to the man with three cows, it was because only one calf had been born.
That day he learned that he cannot diagnose pregnancy just by looking.
He also learned that bulls are the best at impregnating cows.
He told me that he was fighting Lyme disease.

The third time I saw the man with three cows, I told him that he was expecting two calves in the fall.
That visit, he decided that I was right about obese cows not getting pregnant.
He decided to keep her one more year because she was a nice cow.
He told me that he had torn his left rotator cuff.

Today, I went to see the man with three cows to steer two little calves.
The nice (fat) cow is still not pregnant; he said he was going to sell her.
He eventually decided maybe he would give her one more chance.
He invited me to see a wolf picture he took on his vacation this summer.

Some clients are memorable.
I will remember the man with three cows.