Sunday, March 10, 2013

In the Hands of Babes

A large portion of my practice is dealing with 4-H kids and their project animals.  The kids are great, the parents are always a bit of a.... challenge.  In a world of helicopter parents, it was nice to experience something different today. 

On my way to another emergency call, I got a call from a client about a sow in labor and not making any progress.  This particular client has a daughter somewhere in the middle of grade school age who has seen more than her fair share of on-farm deliveries.  The little girl has always said she wants to be  vet.

Client: "Well a it's been nearly an hour since she had the last piglet. She's pushing but nothing is happening."

Dr. D: "Have you put a hand in to figure out if there is a piglet, because..."

Client: "Well no, I wouldn't know what to do.  Oh my gosh, honey, don't do that!  What?  Ok... my daughter just stuck her hand in and says she feels feet.  And a tail."

Dr. D: "Ok, well does she think she can..."

Client: "Oh!  Doc, she just delivered the piglet!  All by herself.  She just pulled it right out of there!  If you could see this, you would be so proud of her!"

I am proud of her.  Even better, her mother is proud of her and just realized that her daughter is a very capable person. But what I really, really hope is that that little girl is proud of herself.